Reducing Headaches With Green Light

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Migraines are classified as moderate to severe headaches and are often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, visual disturbances, dizziness, vomiting, as well as high sensitivity to lights and sounds.

Those affected by migraines will often need to take time off work due to their condition. While research suggests that patients are more likely to overuse medications for pain relief, some people report experiencing unpleasant side effects when taking drugs. As a result, finding an alternative treatment that can help to ease their condition is of top priority.

Are There Any Solutions for Migraines?

One option that many are now looking into to mitigate migraines is light therapy.  have shown that green light therapy has been successfully conducted on rats and other mammals to provide pain relief.

Some studies have involved humans as well, and showed that green light considerably decreased headache frequency. This was especially the case for those with migraines, who had a more significant reduction.

In addition, those involved in the studies reported that their pain reduced significantly with green light therapy. They also reported other substantial life improvements, such as in their quality of sleep and as well as their ability to exercise, work, and complete chores.

Aerium by AlgenAir

Our team at AlgenAir has introduced the world’s first organic air purifier. Using algae to clean the air in our homes, our aerium air filter works to remove carbon dioxide while creating oxygen for your indoor spaces. Moreover, it is capable of filtering out pollen, bacteria, dust, and other allergens from the air.

At the same time, aerium can work in synergy with the garden you have in your home since the algae can be used as a supplementary fertilizer for your plants. Our team can also provide you with all your algae needs, and you can have a subscription service where you can get fresh algae. Using algae, aerium is able to emit green light.

It’s this same green light that can help you treat your migraine problems — the aerium is the perfect addition to migraine sufferers’ homes. It can boost oxygen indoors and be a source of soothing green light therapy simultaneously! Be among the first to get this brand new technology and visit AlgenAir today.

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