Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup my aerium?
    What type of water is safe to use for my algae?
      • We recommend distilled water! Tap water is not safe because it contains chlorine, which will kill the algae. Bottled water can vary which is why we do not recommend using it.  
      Why is my algae turning dark green? 
        • This means it's growing! The algae will turn from a pale green to a rich emerald color that is dark enough that you can’t see the bubbles. This is okay. You should still see the bubbles at the surface.
        What do I do if the bubbles stop?
          • Carefully lift the glass vase out of the aerium unit. Unplug the unit and plug it back in without the vase installed. Replace the full glass vase and check for bubbles.  If there are no bubbles, transfer algae to a sterile, covered container, and leave the unit unplugged for an hour. If this does not work, please contact us at with your order #. 
          • If you have an aerium 3.0 (ordered after August 2022 and has "aerium" etched in the baseplate), try the above troubleshooting steps then a forceful, sudden tap with 2 fingers about midway on the base can resume pump function. If this does not work, please contact us at with your order #. 
          • For later stage algae (dark opaque green): As the algae grows it can cling to the rubber valve and interrupt regular function. If you notice the bubbles have stopped, lift the glass vase up and place back in the base. The force will dislodge any algae and re-open the valve. It is a good idea to do this every few days. If this does not work, pour the algae into a clean bowl or container and thoroughly wash the glass and rubber valve. It is possible that algae is growing inside the valve that needs to be removed.

          My algae arrived, but it is half full (or empty depending on how your day is going), did some of it leak out? Why is the solution thick?

            • Most likely no, we fill our algae bottles about half full so they have atmosphere in the bottle to consume CO2 and release O2. They need space to breathe, just like you and I!
            • Your algae may appear 'thick' because we use an organic agent to increase shipping life of the algae.
              • If there is visible leakage, this rarely happens, but please contact us and we would be happy to send a replacement!

            How often do I change my algae? 

              • The algae should be changed every 30-60 days, after that it starts to run out of food. You can sign up for our subscription service and we will send you fresh algae every month! You can also re-order algae from our website. The old algae makes an excellent fertilizer for your garden, house plants, or compost pile! 
              Does the aerium need direct sunlight?
                  • Nope! The aerium has a built in light that ensures that the algae is continuously removing CO2 and producing oxygen. This makes it perfect for use in an office without windows or a room that doesn't receive natural sunlight. Extra light is good for the aerium though, the more light the aerium receives the faster it will grow (i.e. turn dark green) and the more CO2 it is able to remove. You may want to change your refill timeline from 60 days to 30. 

                  Is evaporation normal? 

                  • Yes! Over time evaporation may occur. It is safe to add more distilled water in between refills or you can leave it. The algae will be happy either way. 

                  Is the algae edible?

                  • The two types of algae we offer are in the Arthrospira genus commonly known as Spirulina. While Spirulina is an edible strain, the algae sold by AlgenAir is prepared and packaged for air purification use not food grade consumption. However, if consumed it is non-toxic.