Modern buildings trap invisible pollutants.

CO2 and VOCs accumulate. This is known as sick building syndrome.
And what that means for you is...

reduced mental clarity

increased brain fog

potential source of headaches

allergy and asthma-like symptoms

Now, you can bring the power of 25 plants indoors.

meet the aerium

the modern houseplant

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the first modern houseplant that uses microalgae to clean the air we breathe.

With living technology, you get the photo- synthetic benefit of over 25 plants.

That means more oxygen and less CO2 in the places you live your life.

Connect with nature through an elegant biophilic design.

maintain harmony with your existing plants.

The aerium produces a natural fertilizer so it lives symbiotically with the plants you already love.

Fertilize the plants you love!

Did you know algae makes an excellent fertilizer? It’s a rich source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus to make your plants grow happy and healthy! When it's time to refresh your aerium with a refill, you can recycle the spirulina you’ve already grown as a hydrating fertilizer for the plants around your house. 

If you love to compost, it is also a nice green addition for your perfect pile ratio! Learn more about how to recycle your algae.

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Brain fog is real.

If you find yourself not being able to think as clearly in the middle of the day and early afternoon, there is a good chance that carbon dioxide buildup is playing a role.

Our brains and internal organs need oxygen to function effectively. If our brain does not get enough oxygen it does not work at its maximum capacity. While it may be near impossible to bring a full oxygen bar into your home, you can extend your mental clarity by having an aerium constantly filtering out CO2 and replacing it with fresh oxygen to feed your brain.


Nature makes us happier!

The best mood booster! Do you find yourself feeling happier when you’re in a park, climbing a mountain, or by the ocean? Do you remember how crisp and clean that air smells? 

There is nothing better than being surrounded by plants, clean air, and sunshine. While we cannot get that as often as we would like living indoors and working for a living, the aerium brings the power of nature indoors to give us clean air and the green indoor ecosystem equivalent of having 25 houseplants. 

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Your kids, job, and significant other will thank you.

Carbon dioxide can build up throughout the night, which can contribute to grogginess in the morning! Elevated carbon dioxide harms kids as well. Help them perform better at school in the morning and think clearer when doing homework.


The aerium produces a soothing sound of water bubbling and a soft light to go with its gentle white noise.

Find zen while the aerium works its magic!

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"Freshens the air!"

"My old apartment was very small and had little ventilation. The aerium really helped to freshen the air and make it less stuffy! It's very easy to set up and the subscription refill makes it easy to maintain. Also LOVE that all the parts are dishwasher safe."


(verified buyer)


"Love my refills"

"I love seeing the color of the algae change as more and more algae grow! When I get a notification that my algae subscription is being filled, I use the current algae as fertilizer for my plants. Definitely notice a difference in my plants!"


(verified buyer)

Five stars

"A breath of fresh air"

"After trying to sift through a dizzying selection of air filters on the market, I gave the Aerium a chance on the recommendation of a friend ;) In only a few days, I watched my little Algae culture blossom into a brilliant shade of deep green, emitting a bounty of oxygen into my house. It was shortly after that I began noticing the subtle energizing effects during my daily routines. I wake up feeling refreshed and my work from home productivity level has been noticeably boosted."

- Verified buyer

bring nature in.

Kick stuffy particle-filled air out.

tired? Feel mentally dull? Be unsure of what indoor particles you’re breathing in?

Get the aerium today for a better you.