the aerium, a photobioreactor that allows you to grow Spirulina easily in your own home.

Introducing the aerium

The world's 1st air purifier that uses algae to clean the air we breathe

Removes carbon dioxide and creates oxygen as effectively as 

25 house plants

indoor carbon dioxide concentrations can be 2-3 times higher than naturally occurring

Indoor Air Pollution: Carbon Dioxide

Indoor carbon dioxide levels are 2-3 times higher than what is naturally occurring 

We spend 90% of our day trapped indoors

Traditional air purifiers cannot remove carbon dioxide

Harmful carbon dioxide levels, Indoor Air Quality, LEED Building Certification

Harmful Effects of Carbon Dioxide

Indoor carbon dioxide levels are regularly between 700-1,200 ppm

The legal limit allowed by AHRAE is 1,000 ppm

The aerium can reduce these levels by 50%


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