How the aerium Can Benefit Your Five Senses for Holistic Wellness

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Each feature of the aerium provides benefits through your five senses. Not only does it clean the air you breathe, but it also protects you from harmful microorganisms. The algae inside works much better than house plants as a natural air purifier for home. Here are the benefits you’ll get with each sense explained.


According to peer reviewed science green light brings less stress to the eyes and is easier for the brain to process. Due to this, migraines are less likely to be triggered by the light emitted by the  aerium, and you’ll also be less susceptible to other ailments. Users of the aerium experience a lower frequency of headaches with consistent use.

Research also shows that the brain perceives pain depending on the light around them. Green makes people feel better and lowers headache intensity.


Our brains interpret noises and categorize them. The first analysis done by the brain is to determine whether the noise is a threat or not. Slow-paced, soft, and crescendo noises tend to help the brain relax more. It is the reason why sounds of water, waves, and rain are a preference for many. The aerium has the sound of water and bubbles to help enhance your relaxation experience.


While there are no specific features on the aerium that target our nose, the combination of its effects provides good sensations. Many clients report experiencing reduced odors caused by volitile organic compounds (VOCs) in their living spaces. It is why many of our customers place the aerium in the kitchen, bedrooms, and living areas.


The aerium uses Spirulina, considered a superfood and supplement by many. It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Many people use Spirulina that they have grown in their homes as a dietary supplement. Spirulina is packed with dietary benefits despite being tasteless! e being

Spirulina comes packed with numerous vitamins such as iron, copper, and B1-B3. It also has trace amounts of potassium, essential fatty acids, magnesium, and manganese.


 The aerium was designed with an ergonomic shape and quality materials While maintenance is minimal, only 5 minutes every 60 days, the glass construction gives a premium feel and also makes it easy to handle and move around.

A Natural Air Purifier for Home

The aerium improves air quality, providing a safer space with an organic air purifier. Not only that, but each feature also boosts your mood and promotes a healthier environment by bring nature indoors. Its design is elegant, and the LED light allows for the continuous flourishing of the algae within. Buy one today, and experience all that the aerium has to offer.

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