aerium subscription refill

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Keep your algae growing as efficiently as possible with the aerium refill. 

Each refill includes:

  • 8 fluid oz of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)
  • 16 fluid oz of 3x aerium nutrients (diluted to 48 fluid oz ~ 0.4 U.S. gallons)
  • and 1 hydrophobic filter


Refills will be fulfilled within 4-7 days of purchase. Shipping time may vary, thank you for your patience!

Customer Reviews

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Bruce Byrwa

aerium subscription refill


aerium subscription refill

Barton Reavis

I loved my Aerium so much, I bought a second one. A subscription for multiple refills would be nice.

Hello Barton!

Thank you very much for your review! We appreciate customer feedback and introduced the feature for bulk subscriptions. The discount is automatically applied for multiple purchases of the refill boxes.

We hope you continue to enjoy using your aeriums!

Mike W
Aerium refills - simple, fast, and fun

The Aerium refill system is so easy. I know it will be coming soon when my Aerium turns dark green even before I get the alerts that it has shipped.

I just dump the old water on my flower beds and clean it with a sponge. Reassembly is easy and fast. Then it’s just add the algae, nutrients, and distilled water and my Aerium is back in business.

Tim Kvasnosky
Pretty Weird

Honestly, the levels of the various algae and food containers were inconsistent to each other. Like almost random levels. Feel very "fly by night". When one of the algae containers was half what the other one was, I was wondering if something got poured out or it is a QA issue?

Hi Tim,
Thank you for reaching out! We understand that the levels of algae may seem random, however, we use 8 oz bottles to ship the algae and fill the bottles to volume dependent on cell density so that the initial culture has the longevity for the ideal 2 month growth cycle. Additionally, this allows us to include headspace in the bottle for the culture to 'breathe' during shipping.

Please let us know how we can clear up any future issues!