Reduce the Dust in Your Home With an Organic Air Purifier

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Dust somehow appears on every surface of our homes or offices, no matter how hard we try to keep every corner clean and dust-free. Did you know that keeping your place dust-free can make a lot of difference in the quality of air? Moreover, if you have allergies, dust particles or dust bunnies can aggravate them.

Make your home dust-free with an organic air purifier

Investing in an organic air purifier can definitely help manage dust. However, if you want to keep your home or your working space free of dust, being vigilant and consistent with cleaning and maintenance can go a long way. So, make your life simple and use these effective ways to decrease dust in your home or office.

·        Dusting daily is the key

Let’s face it, making sure that your home or is dust-free at all times sounds kind of challenging. The key is to develop a daily cleaning routine and make sure that you don’t forget to incorporate dusting the surfaces.

·        Cleaning in an organized way

Most of us tend to either vacuum or mop the house first and then dust that mantle piece with different decorative items placed on it or cleaning up the lighting fixtures. Following this pattern will, of course, leave traces of dust here and there. Start with dusting first and then do the dry mopping or vacuuming.

·        Investing in the best air purifier

Once you’re done with cleaning and dusting, the next and most important step is to purchase an air purifier that can reduce tiny dust particles that float in the air. What an air purifier does is capture those particles and make the space as dust-free as possible. Though most air purifiers have High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filters, you can opt for organic air purifiers or even algae-based air filters.

An algae-based air filter, such as the aerium, can also help to mitigate CO2 in the home.

·        Say goodbye to carpeting

Carpets can store dust particles the most, even after you have done the vacuuming. The particles in the carpet can cause severe allergies, so it is best to get rid of your carpets and keep your home dust-free.

Benefits of installing an algae air filter

We have already established the fact that an organic air filter can do wonders for your home, and your working space as well. Here is why you should invest in an algae-based air filter, such as the aerium, by Algen Air.

  1. Organic air purifiers effectively remove dust particles, pet hair etc., making your house clean and as dust-free as possible.
  2. An algae-based air filter can help reduce headaches resulting from elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in your home.
  3. The algae air filter is perfect if you want your home or office free of unpleasant odors, leaving your space smelling fresh throughout the day.


Are you on the lookout for an organic air purifier that uses an algae-based air filter? You’re in the right place. Visit Algen Air to learn more about their organic air purifier, the Aerium.

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