Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is a time for you to celebrate one of the most important women in your life — your mom. To show mom how you much treasure her, there is no better gift than the gift of clean air. For Mother’s Day, send mom one of our natural air filters.

Our natural air filter and carbon dioxide air filter is as effective as 25 houseplants, allowing your mom to clean and purify the air. The plants and algae within our natural air filters convert carbon dioxide into clean, healthy, and breathable oxygen.

Give your mom the gift of clean air with these two gift ideas:

The aerium

While most filters push air through particle filters, they do nothing about invisible polluting gasses. We have set ourselves apart by creating the first-ever algae-based natural air filter on the planet. We give you the aerium, our signature carbon dioxide air filter.

Using algae, the aerium converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. The oxygen is the result of photosynthesis that takes place within the aerium’s 17’’x8”x8” cylinder. The light source is both external and internal. The aerium’s LED light provides the internal lighting to kick start photosynthesis even in a dark room. Any ambient light in your room can amplify the algae growth and photosythetic efficiency. 

Despite being only 17 inches tall, the aerium provides clean oxygen, enough for a room that is 10 feet x 12 feet.

The aerium boasts a modern minimalist design. The aerium’s cylinder is easily washable and holds up well given its premium glass design.

Easy on the lungs and easy on the eyes, the aerium is the perfect addition to any mom’s house. Get her the gift of clean and sustainable air with our Mother’s Day discount.

Refills for the aerium

The aerium’s algae need replenishing after some time. For this, we have our spirulina-based aerium refills to keep your mom’s aerium running. Also included in our natural air filter refill formulation are four fluid ounces of nutrients to aid the regeneration of algae.

After your growing cycle, your mom can take care of the plants that she loves by recycling the algae biomass as an organic, hydrating fertilizer.

We offer our refills as part of a subscription package. However, if you have already gifted mom with an aerium, she can purchase our refills using the Mother’s Day discount.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Gift of Clean and Sustainable Air

Look no further for the most thoughtful and eco-friendly gifts you can give mom on this special day. This Mother’s Day, your mother can receive the aerium and the gift of quality air.

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