Living Algae Decor: Merging Biotechnology With Interior Design

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There’s more to decorating your interiors than elevating the visual appeal of your spaces. To truly unleash the full potential of your interiors, you’ll have to think beyond aesthetic spaces and more along the lines of “living spaces.”

When it comes to creating a living space that exudes life and appeal, nothing beats incorporating biotechnological innovations like the aerium.

With the aerium, your living spaces can benefit from cleaner air made possible by the innovation’s algae-driven ecosystem. As a result, you’ll transform your spaces in a way that merges interior design and biotechnological innovation.

Learn more about how living algae decor enhances the appeal and liveability of your spaces.

Why Traditional CO2-Lowering Comes Short

Carbon dioxide emissions may not seem like a significant risk. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we breathe, carbon dioxide accumulates. While it’s possible to offset high CO2 levels with tree planting, know that trees can only absorb a fraction of CO2 emissions (around 48 pounds, to be exact).

Windows and alternative ventilation may also help lower carbon dioxide indoors. However, you can expect the CO2-lowering effects of these measures to drop during closure.

For long-lasting CO2 reduction, the best option is to bring nature into your home. The aerium makes this possible.

Lowering CO2 By Bringing Nature Into Your Spaces

The aerium is a revitalizing decorative apparatus that brings nature into your home.

Using living algae, the aerium metabolizes CO2 through photosynthesis. As the living algae consume CO2, the algae release it as breathable and clean oxygen.

By converting CO2 into clean breathable air, the aerium breathes new life into your interior spaces.

Versatile Decor: From Living Algae to Living Algae Decor

The aerium’s design confers more benefits beyond CO2 reduction. Due to its minimalist design, the aerium is the epitome of living algae decor blended with biotechnological innovation.

The aerium features a cylindrical minimalist shape. Atop the apparatus is the cylinder that holds the aerium’s green semi-illuminated spirulina.

Built-in lights add to the aerium’s aesthetic capabilities. With these integrations, the aerium brightens indoor spaces that may lack ample natural lighting.

The living algae and the aerium apparatus also lend themselves to easy maintenance. Spirulina refills are available and each lasts up to eight weeks of continuous operation. Meanwhile, the aerium’s sturdy design makes it durable, enabling you to enjoy clean air without fear of the apparatus breaking down.

With these design features, the aerium does more than lower CO2 in spaces — its design enables it to blend seamlessly with various interior design profiles, making it an essential aesthetic addition to your home’s natural ecosystem.

Living Algae Decor: Breathing Life Into Your Spaces

By marrying biotechnology with the decorative ethos, living algae decor is redefining the standards of living spaces. With the aerium, you can witness the transformative power of nature-inspired interior design firsthand.

Let the aerium breathe new life into your home. Order yours now and experience living algae decor that revitalizes and beautifies your interior spaces.

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