How Many Aeriums Are Right for Me?

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The aerium has helped countless homeowners improve their home’s ventilation. With the aerium’s apparatus and spirulina refills, homeowners have reduced their symptoms of brain fog, epistaxis (bloody nose), and other ailments associated with high CO2 levels. 

In short, an aerium will enable you to reap all the advantages of better air quality in your home. However, how many aeriums do you need, exactly? We’ll answer this question and more. 

Read on to find out how many aeriums you’ll need for better air quality indoors. We’ll also look into some factors to consider before you plan to buy an aerium (or two) for your home or office. 

The Short Answer: One aerium for Each Room

More often than not, you’re likely trying to improve air quality in the most vital rooms in your home, namely the living room and your bedroom. Unless these parts of your home are adjacent, the best thing to do is to get an aerium for each room. 

No matter the size of a room, the aerium can improve O2 levels due to its high spirulina content. Spirulina algae metabolize accumulating CO2 inside a space and release O2 as a metabolic byproduct of photosynthesis. 

The result is high levels of circulating oxygen and improved air quality that’s excellent for both physical and mental health. 

Also, because of the aerium’s high algae content, you can expect superior air quality compared to if you just opened your windows. The algae content gives each aerium the O2-delivering capacity of 25 plants. 

Hence, with an aerium, it’s like having a mini forest inside a room. 

Factors To Consider

While a good rule of thumb is to get an aerium per room, other factors can affect how many you need to get for your home.  

The Size of Your Space

Assessing the size of your space is crucial when determining the number of aeriums needed. Consider the dimensions and layout of the space, including any obstacles or furniture that may impact aerium placement. 

Also, larger rooms with more divisions typically require more aeriums to ensure adequate CO2 recycling and air purification throughout the area.

The Number of Occupants

While the aerium gives you the oxygen production of 25 plants, you should also consider how many people occupy your home or living space. 

For a small family of three, you may be able to get by on one or two aeriums. However, if you have a larger family or entertain visitors regularly, you’ll need more aeriums to maintain your space’s oxygen levels. 


Strategic placement of aeriums is essential for optimizing air circulation and CO2 absorption. Identify areas with limited ventilation or where CO2 emissions are higher, such as kitchens or bedrooms, for aerium placement. 

By carefully considering the placement of aeriums, you can maximize their effectiveness in maintaining healthy indoor air quality levels.

Get the Air-Enhancing Power of 25 Plants in a Single Compact Package

The aerium gives you the oxygen-producing quality of 25 plants, improving the air quality of any space you place one in. 

Experience the oxygen-producing capabilities of algae and breathe new life into your spaces with the aerium 3.0. Order yours today. 

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