Healthy New Year’s Resolutions That Are Totally Achievable

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It’s that time of year again when we vow to live healthier and make better choices but often end up with the same results. The good news is you can still improve your health without making significant changes. All it takes is a little research and planning. If you need some help getting started: here are some simple resolutions that will lead to a happier and healthier new year for you and your family!

Drink More Water

It’s a simple way to rehydrate and replenish the fluids your body loses throughout the day.  In addition to preventing dehydration, drinking water can also help in the following ways:

  • Keep a normal temperature
  • Lubricate and cushion joints
  • Protect your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues
  • Get rid of wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements

A lack of water (aka dehydration) can ultimately lead to things like headaches, kidney stones and even exhaustion. Drinking plenty of water each day can also help improve your complexion, giving you glowing skin, as well as boosting your metabolism.

Maintain a Nutrient Rich Diet

When it comes to eating, we’re all guilty of indulging in foods that may not be very healthy for you. Of course, moderation is key however, ensuring that your body is getting the right amount of nutrients can be key to living a healthier lifestyle.  Be sure that your diet consists of the right amount from each food group.

For those that aren’t fans of eating their vegetables, taking supplements should be considered.  Spirulina, an algae-based supplement, is packed full of vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), copper, and iron.  Additionally, it has decent levels of potassium, magnesium, manganese, and essential fatty acids.  When it comes to protein, spirulina actually has more protein than most vegetables.

Use an Organic Air Purifier

There are a lot of choices when it comes to air purifiers, so finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. One option is the aerium, an oxygen air filter by AlgenAir. It is an algae air purification system that uses live algae to clean the air in your home naturally. The algae work like a scrubber to trap harmful pollutants and odors, creating fresh air that will reduce CO2 in your home.

By reducing CO2 in your home, and therefore increasing the oxygen levels, you can improve the quality of your sleep and reduce headaches as well as stress levels.

Don’t wait until your health takes a turn for the worse. Start living a healthier lifestyle today with simple, achievable resolutions that will naturally reduce CO2 and improve your home environment.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today

Did you know that indoor air pollution is 3 to 5 times worse than outdoor air pollution? Many air purifiers on the market only focus on removing particle matter (PM2.5) from the air, failing to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  You can combat these air pollutants by using the aerium, an algae-based air purifier in your home or office.


These are just a few of the ways you can easily achieve a healthier lifestyle for your New Year’s resolutions. Ready to reduce the CO2 levels in your home or to grow your own spirulina? Check out the aerium by AlgenAir, the organic air purifier that uses live algae to clean the air naturally.

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