Carbon Dioxide in the Home: How to Purify the Air

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Health experts are warning against the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in air not just outside, but also inside your homes. Constant modernization, cutting down of trees, air pollution due to industrial chemical releases and much more has left air contaminated and unsafe to breathe. However, you can do certain things at your home to purify the air that you breathe. This blog post will share some tips on what you can do to purify the air from carbon dioxide and other toxins.

More Plants and Trees

If you’re not fortunate enough to be surrounded by trees in your neighborhood, then the best thing that you can do is to plant trees and plants around you. You can start with your own backyard with some beautiful plants that will not only purify the air and provide you shade, but also regulate ventilation and temperature of your house. Moreover, having trees in your house can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. Realtors and home buyers tend to value houses with plants and trees.

Start a Campaign

If you have good communication skills and convincing power, you can start a campaign and encourage others in your neighborhood to join you in planting trees and plants around the neighborhood. You can arrange awareness campaigns as well, warning people of the consequences of breathing impure air. If there are any industrial facilities nearby that are not following environment safety practices, you can also reach out to authorities and hold them accountable.

Air Filters and Purifiers

Lastly, the easiest thing that you can do to purify your air is to install some good air filters and air purifiers around your house. They can help you get rid of dust, allergens and other toxic materials that are present in the air. In other words, these devices make sure that the air that enters your room is safe and free from any toxic substances.  While there are many options available on the market right now, the majority are unable to filter out carbon dioxide – which is why AlgenAir founders created the world’s first natural air purifier.

Recognizing the necessity for an air purification system that specifically targets carbon dioxide, AlgenAir created the aerium.  The aerium was designed to help you keep your indoor air clean and pure.  The best part? It’s all natural!  The aerium uses algae to purify the air, and while the algae does need to be changed every 6 to 8 weeks, the old algae can be used as a fertilizer in your home garden.

The aerium is capable of removing carbon dioxide and producing as much oxygen as 25 plants, saving you both space and time. To learn more about the aerium, or to snag one for yourself, check out our website at:

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