Balancing Design and Functionality at Home

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Having our own place brings out the interior designer in all of us. It doesn’t matter whether it's our own house or apartment we’re renting — knowing that it’s our own space makes us want to match it to our style.

However, we can’t just fill our home with anything and everything that catches our eye. This is especially true when working with limited space, like an apartment. In such cases, we need to balance design and functionality.

Here are four practical, multifunctional, and aesthetically pleasing decor items to inspire you as you balance design and functionality at home.

1. LED Shelf Floor Lamp

This modern LED shelf floor lamp is a great piece to place next to a sofa. Not only does it provide ample light to read but it is also compatible with various smart home systems.

Corners are notoriously hard to decorate, due to the limited space it offers. However, this floor lamp is slim enough to fit in any dark, empty corner of any room, helping you maximize your floor space.

Additionally, the three shelf spaces let you display other decor pieces that can serve as conversation starters. The light on top of the shelving illuminates the items on display for everyone to see.

2. Pegboard Room Divider

Concertina room dividers are a perfect way to create a stylish study or living areas, private dressing spaces, and more. They allow for convenient division and while also often serving as a central decoration piece.

This pegboard divider takes concertina room dividers up a notch. Not only do they help in defining separate spaces, but they also offer more storage space — making them extremely valuable for those of us living in small apartments.

The ability to customize the peg installations and add shelving further adds to the divider’s functionality and unique beauty.

3. The aerium by AlgenAir

If you’re looking for something that balances functionality and beauty perfectly, look no further than the aerium. AlgenAir’s flagship natural air purifier serves both as an aesthetically pleasing home decor item and conversation piece.

The aerium is an organic air purifier that uses live spirulina to remove impurities and allergens from the air inside our homes. It also helps produce oxygen to further improve indoor air quality.

The LED light of the device ensures continuous photosynthesis of the spirulina while also providing a warm and soothing green light to any room. Moreover, the spirulina grown inside the aerium can be used as a fertilizer for your other plants.

Combining Style, Functionality, and Practicality

Style, functionality, and practicality are all equally important. With the wide range of home decor and furniture available today, it has become much easier to find items that combine all three. More and more decor pieces also help improve our quality of life, as well.

Enhance your home aesthetics and quality of life even further by visiting AlgenAir today and learning all about the benefits of our natural air purifier.

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