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AlgenAir was co-founded by Dan Fucich, PhD and Kelsey Abernathy, PhD while finishing their doctoral research in marine biotechnology. They wanted to apply the incredible potential of algae to improve indoor air quality.

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aerium refill kit
David Richardson
Excellent customer services

My product arrived dead, last week your company replaced it hassle free, its now thriving getting greener by the day

aerium refill kit
Thomas Godbee
The machine died

Don't want anything, cancel all orders

aerium refill kit
Randy Throckmorton


the aerium 3.0
Kevin Block
Cool lamp

I'm not sure if it is actually reducing co2 levels. According to my co2 monitor the levels have pretty much stayed the same as they were before but the lamp looks cool and it is fun to watch it turn green.

Worked well. Arrived alive and grew fast.

aerium refill kit
Barbara Harkness
No more bloody nose

In the winter, even with a humidifier on my furnace I wake up with a bloody nose. I can tell when it is going to happen because my nose hurts. But, with the Algen Air, I have not had one! And, I proved it to myself because I was a couple days without it and immediately my nose hurt and was bleeding in the morning. The unit is not in my bedroom; it is in my home office so am surprised that far away can really make such a difference.

Great product

Great product

I had a 2.0 that unfortunately didn’t survive a move. Finally pulled the trigger on the 3.0 and am so glad I did! The new packaging is great, arrived with no issues and they do make a noticeable difference, especially in an urban area!

the aerium 3.0
Laura Cook
Love it!

When I saw my personal lab results and how much my Co2 levels had DROPPED, I knew the Aerium was working. The light is a little bright at night as we keep ours in the bedroom but I put something in front of it to block the brightness. We love it!

aerium refill kit
Kevin White

aerium refill kit

aerium refill kit
Phoebe Leith

aerium refill kit

the aerium 3.0
Joshua Lees

the aerium 3.0

aerium refill kit
David Freeman
Easy to use kit, comes regularly

Works to bring down C02 levels. Comes a little too soon. What's with the X... Which isn't always present? Other ways to distinguish filter orientation?

Thank you for giving the aerium a try in your indoor ecosystem! We're glad you're happy with the performance.

Regarding the 'x' on the hydrophobic filter, we do our best to ensure that each filter leaves our facilities with a graphite marking to indicate which side is up. Another simple way to detect the filter orientation is to look for a waxy side (this goes down) and a rougher, paper-like side, which should have an 'x' (this goes down).

Additionally, you can customize the schedule for filter replacement anywhere from anywhere between 30, 45 or 60 days, depending on your growth period. We want to make sure the aerium works seamlessly for you. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out. We're here to help

As Described and a Beautiful Piece of Scripture Art

The beautiful design and mechanics are functioning after 45 days as advertised, with the algae thriving. I plan on getting the 60-day algae subscription since it can go another two weeks.

Thank you for sharing your experience with the aerium! We're delighted to hear that the design and mechanics are meeting your expectations and that your algae is thriving as advertised.

It's wonderful to know that you're considering the 60-day algae subscription, which will extend the functionality of your aerium and provide you with added convenience. This subscription ensures that your indoor ecosystem continues to flourish.

If you ever have more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support you on your journey with the aerium, and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

the aerium 3.0
Patrick Miller
Bubbly night light

We used a CO2 sensor to see what effect it had in the room. There was no statistically impact, though obviously some CO2 is being stored in the algae that grow.

Otherwise though, it's a pretty bubbly night light in our bathroom.

We did have the pump in the basement fail after about 2 months, but customer service was very prompt and helpful sending a replacement with no hassle.

Thank you for trying the aerium! We're very glad you are enjoying the aestetics of the aerium in your indoor ecosystem.

It's great that you have been monitoring the ambient CO2, we love hearing about the data that our customers collect! At this scale, the aerium does have its limitations, it's important to keep in mind that every indoor ecosystem is unique and performance may vary.

We're also happy that you had a good experience with customer service! We always looking to improve customer experience and device performance, so your review is extremely helpful.

aerium refill kit
Steven Muskal
So far so good!

Loving using protists/plants (i.e. nature’s solution) to improved O2/CO2 balance!

the aerium 3.0
Joe Rehnblom
Aerium review

I actually love the product, it goes from a white color to a light green to a dark, it’s an awesome little nightlight, really quiet, I’ve had no issues so far, quite soothing at night when everything is shut down, I’d definitely say it’s one of the coolest modern day houseplants I’ve ever had.

Hello Joe,
Thank you very much for trying the aerium! We are glad you enjoy the modern houseplant in your indoor ecosystem. Please let us know how we can help in any way, and we look forward to continue supplying you with refill kits in the future!
Very Respectfully, 
Dan Fucich, PhD

the aerium 3.0
Mark Parker
Happy Customer

Wonderful product.

The live spirulina is thriving in the highest quality glass container and acrylic unit — a work of brilliant biotech and luminous art. I'd share a 20-second video to show how beautiful this Aerium 3.0 really is, if there was an upload feature.

Love this air purifier but to keep it running its 300$ a year kinda steep

Something’s Off

Usually the refills are great but the last two have been off. They never really get very green and don’t seem to be making as much of a difference in the air quality as they usually do. I don’t know if the last batch of algae wasn’t very good or what happened but something has changed and not for the better.

Hi Amy,

Thank you very much for letting us know! My apologies if your recent refills have not been viable recently. We would be happy to replace your refill for free covered under your live algae guarantee, please feel free to reach out to and we will make it right!

Very Respectfully, 

the aerium 3.0
Leonard Gaspari
Great way to moderate CO2 in a home

I struggled with how to get rid of CO2 in the home. Opening windows certainly works but I don't want to do it during wild fires or winter months. Aerium 3.0, with additional light, helps a lot. (Reducing my CO2 by 100 ppm on average) I would definitely recommend this product.

aerium refill kit
Chris Sunde
Perfect for apartments

I live in an apartment where they’re doing lots of renovations. The fumes from that plus my own cooking results in less than ideal air quality. But the constant oxygen replenishment from my Aerium keeps the apartment air quality great!

aerium refill kit
Kyle Solomon
Easy Peasy

25 plants in the house just like that. Easy to assemble and then watch it grow. No maintenance.