aerium refill kit
aerium refill kit
aerium refill kit
aerium refill kit
aerium refill kit
aerium refill kit

aerium refill kit

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Growth Cycle

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Keep your algae growing as efficiently as possible with the aerium refill. 

Each refill includes:

  • 3 fluid oz of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)
  • 4 fluid oz of concentrated aerium nutrients (diluted to 48 fluid oz ~ 0.4 U.S. gallons)
  • and 1 hydrophobic filter

Don’t forget – when changing out the algae in your aerium, you can use the algae as a fertilizer to provide your plants with beneficial nutrients.

Important: Live spirulina is perishable! Please schedule your spirulina delivery to be set up in your aerium within 48 hours of package arrival. You will be supplied with a tracking label on the date of shipment.



Refills will be fulfilled within 4-7 days of purchase. Shipping time may vary, thank you for your patience!

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aerium refill kit
Jeff Mellor
Superb customer service

Prompt superb customer service is a real treat. When the pump on my first unit went out, a replacement was provided in short order.

the aerium 3.0
Jeff Mellor
Great tech support

Unit bubbles merrily and algae growth is great, but pump can be dodgy. Fortunately tech support has been prompt and helpful

Hi Jeff,

Thank you very much for your kind words! We're correcting the pump hardware revision and appreciate your patience. We're happy to report when we resume shipping December 2022 this issue will be revised. Please let us know how we can help in any way!

aerium refill kit
Isaac Boampong
nice, simple, easy to work with

packaging was very clearly labeled and made it obvious which bag was algae and which was nutrients. seems good to me

Classic Mint vs Premium Feathered Spirulina

Besides the cost - Feathered more expensive than Classic Mint.
Is there any difference between the two as far as Oxygen -generating capability?
Or is it one just better looking than the other?
Anyhow, I am enjoying my Aerium , knowing that it's refreshing my room with the Oxygen it generates.

Hi Gary,

Great question, and we are glad you are enjoying your aerium!

Premium feathered delivers the same great performance as our original mint, with the added aesthetic benefit of beautiful rich stranding, visible with the naked eye. This rich texturing is due to the microscopic differences at the cellular structure. In fact, the cell length of premium feathered is over 25x longer than mint!

the aerium 3.0
jonah benton
Cool device, good vote with your dollars

A month in- good product, happy with the purchase. It sits next to me on my desk while I'm working. It's super cool to see the algae population change in color and concentration gradually from day to day, and the water bubbling sound serves as a nice backdrop.

To be clear, having separately done some work in air quality measurement, my expectations were not that this single device would make a difference in room level CO2. Perhaps it consumes CO2 equivalent to having 25 plants- that's good but one would need to get to high hundreds to low thousands of plant-equivalents to make a human-noticeable dent in a human-occupied room. But I'm a strong believer in voting with dollars and see this purchase and support of the fundraise as contributing a signal that personal CO2 absorption is a useful area of venture and research investment- because with venture investments we might well get a surprise 100x improvement in efficiency or capability in devices like this- and that would be a game changer.

So I can't recommend the device strictly for noticeable CO2 reduction- that's just not possible on any technical platform at the moment. But it's really cool to look at and listen to and it's exciting to have an "early days" product that down the road could have a huge impact.

aerium refill kit
Stanley Guralnick
Refill kit works well, but there should be a more flexible delivery schedule.

A scheduled automatic delivery makes no sense for this product, because it will be used up on an unpredictable schedule. With dog biscuits, you could find a substitute before next scheduled delivery if you ran out. If , on the other hand, you still had some biscuits left when next delivery came, you could give them to one of your dog’s friends. Neither adjustment is available with Algen refills. Each customer should have an account, to use to order refills a few days before needed.

the aerium 3.0
Stanley Guralnick

Unit works well in reducing carbon dioxide. But how do you know when you need refills and how to clean out unit?

Hi Stanley,

We are very pleased that you are enjoying the benefits of your aerium! Your spirulina is ready for a refresh it turns opaque green which could be between 30-60 days. For instructions on changing your culture, we also have a maintenance video for your refill kit on our FAQ's.

We are happy to help any way we can!

Very Respectfully,

The AlgenAir Team

aerium refill kit
Lynn Eklund

aerium refill kit

aerium refill kit
green again

The last batch arrived clear and after very fast & impressive customer service sent me a [free] replacement, we are back up and running!

aerium refill kit
DC Michael H. Crohn
An excellent service

The subscription service works very well! Every 2 months, a shipment arrives and I lose no time growing the algae (spirolina)!

aerium refill kit
lesa Mitchell

need more. love it

aerium refill kit
Rhonda Mewhinney

aerium subscription refill

the aerium 3.0
Joshua Levine
Makes me feel good.

I'm not sure how much oxygen it can actually produce but looking at it makes me feel good.
The algae turned very dark in only a few weeks so I don't think you can last 2 months between refills. I wish it wasn't so loud

We are so glad that your aerium makes you feel good!

We're always trying to improve the aerium and are upgrading our pump to be much quieter. Once rolled out, only the white noise of the bubbling is audible. We would be happy to put you on the waitlist for the base upgrade if you would like!

Also, for users with more ambient light, they may find that a 30 day growth cycle works better than the 60 day option.

We're glad to hear you are enjoying your aerium and happy to help with anything in the future!

-Dan Fucich, Co-founder

the aerium 3.0
Ken Hayden

I have 2 Awair Element Air monitors and noticed that when I use my oven the Co2 level would rise to over 1200 ppm. Looked for a solution and found AlgenAir. Doesn’t stop the high levels with the oven but the air quality recovers must faster with the AlgenAir without having to open windows this time of year. Also notice that my Co2 level with me breathing is usually in the 700 ppm range but when I leave home the level drops to the 400 level while I’m away with the house closed up. The AlgenAir works great and the air is noticeably fresher. Thanks. Great invention.

the aerium 3.0
Austin Kidder
Great product, great customer service.

I have nothing but good things to say about our experience so far. We live in a high altitude desert environment and the Aerium has helped add quality, oxygen-rich air to our home which helps us sleep better and helps me stay focused and relaxed at my home office.

Furthermore, the customer support is as good as the product. Every time we have ever needed something, they answer right away with a smile. This product is a win all around.

the aerium 3.0
Lesa Mitchell


the aerium 3.0
A breath of fresh air in the world of air filters

After trying to sift through a dizzying selection of air filters on the market, I gave the Aerium a chance on the recommendation of a friend ;) After an easy set up following the video tutorial provided on the algenair website, it was off to the raced. In only a few days, I watched my little Algae culture blossom into a brilliant shade of deep green, emitting a bounty of oxygen into my house. It was shortly after that I began noticing the subtle energizing effects during my daily routines. I wake up feeling refreshed and my work from home productivity level has been noticeably boosted.
In short, the Aerium provides a tremendous value for price. You get the Co2 eating, oxygen producing benefits of 25 house plants with out making your house look like the Rain Forest Cafe. I would give the Aerium 6 stars if I could.

Now, for my one criticism. If your cat is anything like mine, you will want to keep your Aerium out of reach. The filter on top of the Aerium is very easy for cats to push in with their little murder mittens so that they can drink the Algae like an apple meow-tini. A piece of clear tape over the top does the trick.

the aerium 3.0
Freddie Striano
Clean air is great!

I love it!

Love My Refills

I love seeing the color of the algae change as more and more algae grow! When I get a notification that my algae subscription is being filled, I use the current algae as fertilizer for my plants. Definitely notice a difference in my plants!

the aerium 3.0
Brenden Bixler

the aerium

the aerium 3.0
Michael Mowle
Still waiting

Tracking shows "In Transit" in New York since Nov 26.
Will this be updated when it has left NY?
DO you know what the expected delay will be. CHeers

Freshens the air!

My old apartment was very small and had little ventilation. The aerium really helped to freshen the air and make it less stuffy! It's very easy to set up and the subscription refill makes it easy to maintain. Also LOVE that all the parts are dishwasher safe.

aerium refill kit
Brad Moran
Love Aerium

Aerium is perfect to keep the air in my office refreshing. Easy to replace and refill the Algae with the subscription refill replacement packs. Thanks!!

aerium refill kit
Rick Mosteller

aerium subscription refill

aerium refill kit
Bryan Pelkey
Great Product and Easy to Refill!

We have had our Aerium now for almost 2 years and love it! The subscription service makes it easy so that whenever the algae is reaching the end of it's life cycle, we receive a fresh new batch of algae and media. It honestly only takes a minute or two to swap out and comes with a new filter. We even use the old algae as compost in our gardens and house plants!