Sustainable Bio-Engineering: Harnessing Algae for Indoor Environmental Solutions

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Innovators continue to search for sustainable, eco-friendly living solutions. At AlgenAir, we have accomplished this through our groundbreaking product, the aerium. This marvel of sustainable bioengineering combines the wonders of elegant engineering with the natural prowess of algae to create living technology for indoor environments that are not only healthier but also more eco-conscious.

Why Algae?

Often overlooked, algae boasts extraordinary properties that lie in its ability to perform photosynthesis. This process of efficiently converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into life-giving oxygen is the foundation of our algae-based living technology. Utilizing this innate ability, indoor air becomes cleaner for healthier spaces.

A Deeper Dive Into the aerium

The aerium is a sophisticated system designed to actively enhance indoor air quality on multiple fronts.

Carbon Dioxide Absorption

Within the specialized modules of the aerium, live algae actively absorbs CO2 from the surrounding environment, turning it into oxygen. This process is equivalent to the oxygen production of 25 plants, enhancing air quality for a more balanced and comfortable atmosphere.

VOC Degradation

Various household products contain harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Algae-based living technology uses natural processes to absorb and degrade these compounds, effectively reducing their presence in indoor air.

Aesthetics and Biophilic Design

The aerium goes beyond functionality — it’s also a visual treat. Embracing the principles of biophilic design, our technology brings nature indoors, creating a serene and inviting ambiance.

The aerium Advantage

Integrating our aerium into your indoor space reaps a multitude of benefits:

Enhanced Indoor Environment

By actively reducing carbon dioxide levels and tackling VOCs, the aerium significantly improves the overall quality of indoor air. You and your loved ones will be breathing easier and enjoying a healthier atmosphere.


The aerium benefits your indoor space and contributes to a more sustainable world. By choosing this eco-friendly solution, you are aligning your values with practices that combat climate change.

Promoting Well-being

Through optimized humidity levels and enhanced aesthetics, the aerium fosters a sense of well-being and tranquility. It is a recipe for experiencing the positive effects of a balanced and harmonious indoor environment where you and your family can thrive.

Versatility and Minimal Maintenance

One of the standout features of the aerium is its adaptability. Our systems seamlessly blend into various architectural designs, whether you lean towards minimalist aesthetics or more organic, natural styles. You can customize our indoor algae systems to align with your unique tastes and design preferences.

In addition, our modern houseplants come equipped with built-in lighting. They thrive even in areas with limited access to natural light. Algae, being hardy organisms, can withstand fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and nutrient availability. The low-maintenance nature makes it an attractive option for individuals with busy lives or those without a green thumb.

Final Thoughts

The aerium represents a paradigm shift in indoor environmental solutions. It stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and the remarkable potential of bioengineering. By harnessing the extraordinary abilities of algae, we are not only improving indoor air quality but also contributing to a greener future for all. Join us on this journey to transform indoor environments into healthier, more eco-conscious spaces.

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