How the aerium Works in Conjunction With Your Houseplants

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Even with the greenest of thumbs, some plants will never thrive as well indoors as they would outside in the fresh air. However, there’s a way to get close.

With an aerium, you can not only provide fresh, filtered air for yourself and your plants, but you can also help your plants thrive by fertilizing them with the aerium’s moss. Curious about how one little filter can do so much? We’ll discuss what an aerium really is and how you can use one to revitalize your plants and your home.

What Is an aerium, and What Does it Do for Your Plants?

An aerium is an organic air purifier that uses algae to filter and clean the air in your home. An aerium produces oxygen and removes carbon dioxide with the same efficiency as 25 house plants for only a fraction of the price, time, and space. By filtering airborne allergens like bacteria, pollen, and dust, it improves the quality of the air you breathe — but what can it do for your plants?

Aeriums are specially designed to harness the powers of algae. Not only does algae remove carbon dioxide, but it also enhances oxygen concentrations. This algae, however, needs to be swapped out periodically. Instead of wasting your used algae, you can use it to fertilize your plants.

Many people stop us here, confused — can algae be used as fertilizer?

The answer is an absolute yes. In fact, when you use aerium algae to fertilize your plants, they will be more vibrant and healthier than ever!

The Benefits of Using an aerium With Your Houseplants

Aeriums are a great way to help your houseplants thrive. Here are some of the benefits of using an aerium with your plants:

Boosted Nutrients

Aeriums can provide plants with a higher level of nutrients than would be possible in soil alone. Aerium algae encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, which breaks down organic matter and releases nutrients into the roots of plants.

Sustainable Materials

Aeriums are manufactured right here in the United States. The glass of the aerium is recyclable and the algae growing in your aerium can be recycled as a fertilizer as it is rich in nitrogen and phosporus.

Keep Your Plants Healthy and Vibrant With an aerium

So, is algae bad for plants? No — it can actually be very beneficial! Although small and simple in structure, the role of algae in soil fertility is essential. Remember, the algae is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which makes an excellent fertilizer for your home garden. With an aerium, you can improve the air quality in your home while also providing huge benefits for your plants.

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