How Green Light Helps Reduce Headaches

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People who suffer migraines often complain about the severe throbbing or pulsing sensation they feel usually on one side of their heads. Those who suffer migraines can also experience vomiting, nausea, and extreme sensitivity when exposed to light and sound. Migraine attacks are not something one should ignore because they can last for hours, even for days which can be alarming and harmful.

Most people who suffer from these headaches resort to medication to be able to relieve themselves from the pain. However, some people also experience negative side effects when taking up drugs. That’s why, we at AlgenAir, highly recommend finding an alternative way to relieve headaches.

What Is Green Light Therapy?

According to a study conducted in the year 2016, green light helps lessen the pain felt by people during migraine attacks more than other types of light like red, white, amber, or blue lights.

Green light therapy has been conducted successfully on other mammals such as rats to help relieve their pains. Other studies show green light therapy being conducted on humans – which showed significant results in helping them reduce the pain they felt during their migraine attacks. Aside from the reduction of the pain they felt, green light therapy also had other effects on them such as getting proper sleep and helping them continue their daily activities which they simply cannot do during migraine attacks.

Recommended Alternative Treatment For Migraines

Today, health experts are now finding ways to lessen the severity experienced by people who suffer migraines. And one of the most recommended alternatives many people like to follow is the green light therapy. But there is also another way for you to avoid experiencing severe headaches, and that is through the use of our algae-based air filter at AlgenAir.

Our aerium at AlgenAir is also an air filter removing carbon dioxide which can also create more oxygen for your indoor spaces. It is also able to filter out bacteria, dust, pollen, and other organisms that are present in the air that can affect one’s health.

It is the world’s first organic air purifier that does not only help in purifying the air around you. It can also use algae as supplementary fertilizer for your plants. Plus, if you use algae, our aerium emits calming green light. The very same green light that can help reduce your headaches.

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If you are interested in learning more about our aerium, get in touch with us at AlgenAir and be one of the first to get our newest technology. This air filter does not only help purify your air, but it can also help you receive green light therapy to help you with your headaches. Grab yours now and enjoy a migraine-free body!

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