Aerium: Completing Your Indoor Ecosystem

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In this increasingly industrialized world, it’s getting harder to breathe that fresh and healthy air that a green environment can provide. Dust, pollutants, and bacteria from the outdoors penetrate our homes and offices, making these enclosed spaces breeding grounds for respiratory complications and health issues.

Fortunately, you can still create an indoor ecosystem that is not only low-maintenance and plant-friendly but also combats air pollution inside homes and buildings. Want to learn how the aerium helps you achieve these goals and benefits? Check out the following.

The Modern Houseplant

Filling our homes or offices with real plants to create a healthy indoor ecosystem is not a reality that everyone can sustain. Some have limited space, allergies, pets, or simply don’t have a green thumb. That’s why the aerium was invented.

It functions how 25 real plants would, combined into one small package. The aerium is a pioneer in natural air purification that makes use of algae to filter out air pollutants and make the air more breathable. Just one unit can cover a room of up to 10 feet by 12 feet. Thus, the aerium removes significant carbon dioxide levels and enhances oxygen concentrations.

Thanks to our algae air purification system, you won’t have to worry about the negative effects of increased CO2 levels indoors. These include fatigue, headaches, and respiratory infections. 


The aerium doesn’t have to be a stand-alone system! It can work harmoniously with the plants you already know and love indoors. Not only will their combined effects produce more breathable air, but the Spirulina algae used in the aerium can also act as an organic and hydrating fertilizer for your indoor plants, making them grow better and healthier.

Spirulina contains different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants too. These help prevent inflammation and even provide immune system support. 

Living Technology

With our organic air purifier, you can maximize the benefits of cutting-edge technology through engineering, biology, and art. It realizes the goal of creating an indoor ecosystem that enhances your wellness, indoor air quality, and overall aesthetics.

As a living technology, our aerium cuts down CO2 emissions in your home and bolsters the production of O2 through the cultivation of actual spirulina. In fact, algae in the oceans generate 70% of oxygen. By getting our organic air purifier, you will then have enough supply of oxygen while preventing indoor air pollution.

Build a Healthy Indoor Ecosystem With aerium Today

Setting up an indoor ecosystem with the aerium does not only bring aesthetic appeal. It also offers excellent air quality and promotes your overall health and well-being. Our algae air purification system can serve as your modern houseplant and even works well with your current indoor plants.

Ready to maximize these benefits and more whether you’re at home or in the office? Purchase the aerium today!

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